I help heart-centred women create A BIG IMPACT LIFE by BRINGING ORDER TO THEIR OVERWHELM

You crave ORDER but keep falling back into OVERWHELM. You’re bogged down and burdened by a multitude of obligations, expectations and decisions. You want a life of ease and flow, peace and fulfillment – but you’re chained to outdated belief systems, inherited values, and untruths that are literally draining your energy.  I want to help you step forward and CLAIM THE ALIGNMENT, PURPOSE and PASSION your soul is demanding – let me show you how!

It’s no mistake that you’re here…you’re living in overwhelm and stress – looking for answers because you know there is more to your life than the same old things that keep showing up.

You’re passionate, talented and soulful – you KNOW your life is the vehicle to make a big impact and leave the world a better place…but you just keep struggling against yourself.

I was there a few years ago too – disillusioned and frustrated. Fearful that my quest for purpose and fulfillment would never be realized, I set out to change my reality.

Like you, I was a seeker, knowing deep in my soul there was a way for me to share my gifts with the world and leave it a better place because I had.

I wanted someone to show me how, but I had no idea where to look. The belief systems I was handed (by well-meaning people) and the stories I’d created for myself weren’t working for me anymore.

I knew I had to do that deep inner work if I was ever going to create the life I so craved, but I had no idea what would work, or how to do it. I struggled for years, wishing someone would help me through that process, not knowing where to turn for help.

Now, I soulfully guide my clients through that process, helping them rewrite their own stories, draw out their gifts, talents and passions and effectively share them to create a BIG IMPACT and massive abundance in their purpose-driven lives.


You need both real strategy and intuitive knowing. You need to rewrite the internal default stories that play on repeat.
You need new stories + inspired action to CREATE a big impact life.

As mentor, storyteller, and intuitive entrepreneur, it is my mission to help women live in alignment with their deepest desires to create a BIG IMPACT LIFE.

I am a fierce advocate of self-love, using soul-healing practices, I teach beautiful women like you to live in a place of surplus instead of depletion.

If you seek belonging and meaningful connection, I invite you to join me here in this community of  soul-driven women, passionate about self-love and healing. It is said that “your vibe attracts your tribe” – if you’re seeking a high-vibe, soul-centred community, I’d love for you to join us here!

Kathy’s coaching skills have helped me identify limiting beliefs that I did not even realize were holding me back from being my true self, which was hindering my business operations. Kathy has guided me through feelings of doubt and frustration in unique ways that reframed my outlook of thoughts and feelings from being things that are holding me down to things that are serving me and have a purpose. I leave each session with Kathy feeling a sense of renewed

personal power and always have a reasonable action step to conquer that helps me to keep moving forward in my business growth. Amanada L., U.S.A.

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