Ok ok –  so your comfort zone may not be literally killing you…but then again, maybe it is.
I’m gonna get all scientific on you now…
Studies have shown that the presence of the stress hormone, cortisol, is a more important predictor of fatal heart attacks and strokes than high blood pressure and cholesterol.
Staying inside your comfort zone, and not acting on your goals and dreams creates an imbalance and disconnect in your brain, called cognitive dissonance.
Never heard of cognitive dissonance? It’s the situation that occurs when one has conflicting attitudes, beliefs or behaviors.  This discomfort this leads to increased stress, which in turn triggers the release of stress hormones like… you guessed it…cortisol and others.
So – staying safely inside your comfort zone may or may not kill you literally, but it IS a dream killer. Your comfort zone will leave you feeling empty, unfulfilled and hollow.
We’re all born with a desire to do, be or have something more. Yet, so many of us are scared to chase those worthy goals for fear of the potential failure or disappointment in the unknown.
It keeps us STUCK in a holding pattern of contemplation, inaction and negative and destructive self-talk.
We create limiting beliefs to justify our inaction and fear.  We nestle ourselves into the cozy bed of our comfort zone, blissfully unaware of the necrosis of our soul.
I KNOW you’re ready to pull yourself out of the mire of your comfort zone.
I KNOW you’re ready to break free of your limiting beliefs and self-doubt.
You’re ready to actively create the life you desire and ditch the default life you’ve been living.
Now, how do you do it???  Lucky for you, I’ve outlined 5 steps to take your from your hum-drum life inside your comfort zone to a thrilling and expansive life on the other side!
Here they are:
1- Get really clear about what your goals really are.  Not the ones your mom or dad had for you.  Not the ones that someone else handed off to you.  YOURS!  What is that thing that lights you up inside just thinking about it.  The thing that makes you feel alive and full of hope.  That thing!
2- Make friends with discomfort. You almost always know you’re moving in the right direction with your goals if the thing you’re contemplating makes you feel uncomfortable or scared. Your success is on the other side of your fear.
3- Take small, measurable steps in that direction. Don’t bog yourself down in overwhelm by taking too much on at once.  Slow down so you can go faster.
4- Get really good at spotting your own B.S.  Ya, you’re really good at dishing B.S. to yourself, aren’t you?  We all are! It’s believable, and it’s comfortable, but call it what it is – an attempt to keep you safe – and STUCK!
5- Lighten up and laugh at yourself.  Chuckle at the mis-steps and fumbles.  Appreciate when things don’t always go as planned.  Know that all of the action and activity you commit yourself to in the pursuit of your goals is getting you there. Turn your failures into lessons learned – be a student of your both your successes and your failures.
I want you to step outside of your comfort zone and I want to help you do it! I have a really exciting announcement that is really going to help you – I’m hosting a 5 Day CRUSH YOUR COMFORT ZONE Challenge (use #mmrcrushyourcomfortzone) in my Facebook Group!  I’m going LIVE tomorrow, September 15 at 1 p.m. CST to share all the juicy detail.  It’s going to be a BLAST and there might just be an AMAZING GIVEAWAY involved too! You are NOT going to want to miss it, I promise!

To YOUR Success,