Change – it’s the one thing that is certain for all of us.  Sometimes we’re itching for it, other times it takes us completely by surprise.

I’d be willing to bet, like me, you’ve been on both sides of the coin.

Yesterday, my husband texted me with news that a treasured employee of his is moving to another province – in 2 weeks! YIKES, a bitter pill to swallow, he is such a valued member of their team.  He’s also a friend that has treated our youngest son as if he were HIS very best friend. Needless to say, we’re all a bit heartbroken.

After hearing this news, I texted my husband the words in the quote above. Upon re-reading my text to him, I was struck at the truth and wisdom to be mined from those words.

Sometimes I surprise myself at just how much I’ve grown – how much wisdom I’ve gained from failure after failure and heartbreak after heartbreak.

I supposed I’ve earned it with experience.

However, it is strange to think of oneself as saying things that are “quote-worthy” – ha!

Change brought me to a different country almost 13 years ago – I’ve always been a bit of a seeker.

A new country brought many opportunities to learn another culture (you’d be surprised at how different life in Canada is from life in the states), new traditions, most importantly a chance to learn about myself in ways I’d never done before.

Change has taught me that no matter what life throws at me, I always land.  Mostly on my feet – and sometimes flat on my face.

Those ‘flat-on-my-face’ times have been the most valuable teachers. They’ve taught me to roll over – and look up. It’s the only place to look.

Change has taught me to keep showing up! Everyday! Don’t ever quit – ever.


It is my personal experience and belief that inside each of us lies a unique gift, talent, or ability that the world needs to share in.

There is greatness within you – within me, and the world is waiting for it.

There are people somewhere today that need to hear our stories.

There are people that need to see the beautiful creations that come from our imagination.

Souls are waiting to be stirred by our music.

There are children that need to hear our words of encouragement.

What is changing in your life to coax out the best version of you?

What is change trying to teach you today?

Or what is it trying to bring you?