Did you know that your body can offer answers and wisdom that are far superior to any you might get from your brain alone? You possess a wisdom within you that is your heart intelligence. It can help you find resolution to situations that you cannot find within your conventional methods of problem solving. I’m really excited to share my recent experience with heart intelligence in Episode 10 of the the YOU KNOW ZDRILL podcast.

Do you ever worry about showing the real you? Worry about what other people will think of you if they knew who you were being when they weren’t around? I try to kick those thoughts out as soon as they come around…they never serve me.

If you listened to Episode 5: FREE, REALLY FREE , you’ll remember that I carried that worry and the ball and chain of it around with me for nearly 2 decades (along with the deepest darkest secrets I had).  In fact, I probably carried that worry around with me for more like my whole life, about one thing or another, if I really spent the time to analyze it. (If you want to find out about those skeletons in my closet, go listen to here.)

The good thing is, I don’t live that way anymore – and this is a no judgement zone – only curiosity and acknowledgement are allowed around here. Only living into the freedom that comes with owning our stories and having the power to write and rewrite them any way we want.

That’s why I’m telling you all about how I lost it with my kids last weekend in Episode 10 of the podcast. I’ll also tell you how I was able to take myself out of that negative state and stand in the power and freedom of light and love.

I’m also really excited to lead you through a really powerful gratitude exercise that I did (thanks you Tony Robbins) after I spent that weekend in frustration and overwhelm.


  • My frustrations with my kids’ behaviour and how I dealt with it
  • How much I looooove Tony Robbins
  • Some TR wisdom on why we should rely on our heart’s intelligence (taken from a Super Soul Session with Oprah)
  • Why I believe there are no new ideas and concepts in the self development space
  • An incredibly powerful heart wisdom exercise taken from this Super Soul Session with Tony
  • Some housekeeping about my Podcast schedule and how it will be changing
  • An invitation to answer the top 1-2 questions you have around changing your stories and beliefs to help me preparation for a new workshop training I will be developing and co-creating with you



Tony Robbins Super Soul Sessions: Creating an Extraordinary Quality of Life

Email me the questions you most want answered or the areas you’re currently struggling the most in identifying, naming, or rewriting your limiting beliefs and stories at hello@kathyzdrill.com