My guest on this episode is Kaelen Schaefer is the creator and founder of The Dream Trail, a place where she combines Life Coaching with horses to create a magical experience in which one can uncover the life they truly desire.

Kaelen’s conviction and passion for helping others live their very best lives is truly infectious. I can’t wait to share her story and her heart with you, I know you’ll feel her energy and enthusiasm.


  • Kaelen’s struggle to create the life she’d dreamed of while listening to others’ opinions
  • How reconnecting with horses helped get her life back on track
  • Her first experience with Equine Coaching on a farm in Colorado
  • How Kaelen and her horse, Steele help others reconnect with their own vision and purpose
  • Kaelen’s simple tips for connecting to your inner wisdom
  • and so much more

Kaelen has so generously donated a workbook to help you Align with Your Best Self. It is available in my FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY, head over and download it now!

You can find Kaelen at