Sometimes I feel like this little girl.  I’ve made up my mind, got my cutest little outfit on, packed my bag and set off on my grand adventure- and then – the shit gets real.

I’m over looking a vast expanse – not really sure of what to do next.

Things can get pretty confusing and overwhelming when all we’re looking at the is big picture.

These little feet have lots of ground to cover – on a mission- to get to the destination.

That suitcase is small, but those treasures weigh a ton – with “miles to go before I sleep.”

And damn, these cute little boots are giving me blisters!

But I AM ON A MISSION – and it’s a noble one. It’s MY MISSION.

The sun is shining brightly on me, warming my face, lighting my path.

I HAVE a path – it is laid out before me, all I have to do is walk it – one. step. at. a. time.

That’s it. One little step at a time.

When I put one foot in front of the other one and take a step – the other foot has no choice but to follow. (That was shared with me earlier this year, isn’t it GOOD?)

And those stumbles? Those missteps? Those failures?

They’re guideposts. They mark the way forward as memories and reminders of how to auto-correct and get moving again.

Can you relate? Are you on your path? Just setting out or alllmost there?

Are you weary – blistered feet, sore shoulders and achy back? Are you feeling that you just can’t go on?

Take a rest -take care of you, your mission is too important not to.

You packed a snack, enjoy it.

You also packed some walking shoes – lace them up!

Take a look at how far you’ve already come. Those little steps add up quickly.

Say something really nice about yourself – out loud – sometimes you just need to hear how great you are, so say it to yourself!

Let me say it to you – YOU’RE GREAT!!  Keep doing that noble thing you’re doing.

Just keep walking, you’re getting there! Don’t. Give. Up. EVER!