I know you…because deep down, you are me.  The core parts of us are the same, what is true for you is true for me, for all of us.


There is something that you’ve been wanting to do, yet you hesitate.  You wait because “you’re not ready” or “it’s not the right time” or “____(insert excuse here)___.” You tell yourself you’re waiting until you “feel more prepared” or you “have more money” or “the kids are a bit older.” But those excuses get replaced with new ones when the old ones don’t work anymore.


A thought or idea comes to you, igniting a spark of inspiration in your soul, but you stamp it out before it has a chance to take hold.


What is stopping you? “Oh, I don’t know if I can do that”…”I’m just not sure…”


You know it is what you should be doing, what you are meant to do.  This thing. It keeps showing up and you can’t let it go. You try to force it out of your mind, but it keeps coming back to you…it is who you are.


Stop making excuses for yourself.  You know the ones. They sound reasonable and justifiable…you rationalize. But they are rational liesthe ones we tell ourselves to make us feel safe.  Safe and stuck in our little box of excuses of why will will never be “given the opportunity” to have what we really want.


Ouch! Why so harsh, Kathy?


Because none of us are given any opportunity, we create them for ourselves. Permission isn’t granted by some genie that you hope one day to miraculously find. You, and you alone, are able to grant your own permission to do anything you want.


We create the life of our own purpose by walking down its path. No doubt you will make mistakes and veer off course, everyone does. You may get distracted and pause for a moment. You are human. You will weave a little here and there, but you are always able to implement some course correction…adjust your steps and get back on your path.


I can speak to these thoughts and feelings because I’ve had them so many times, and I’ve worked with hundreds of clients with those same doubts and feelings.  I’ve always known that I was created for something really BIG.  Still, it wasn’t until about 4-5 years ago that I ever shared that with anyone.  Really!  I’d had a sense or a knowing deep inside for my whole life…just knowing I was destined for something really big and important.  Something that would change 1000’s of lives in amazing ways.  But I’d never uttered a word of it to anyone. I felt like people would misunderstand me or judge me…and some may, yet that doesn’t matter any more.


I shared it first with my husband, my biggest fan and strongest supporter. It felt really good to say it and get it on the outside of my head. Then I think I shared it with my best friend and a few other female entrepreneurs…the ones I knew could likely identify.  Then…last year…I said it for the first time to a group of moms that were standing around the school yard waiting for our kids.  I couldn’t believe I’d said it.  I’m sure I turned red and looked really awkward…but man did it feel good. I was scared and thrilled all at the same time. I knew that somehow the more I said it out loud, the closer it was to becoming my reality.  Now…here I am, being totally real with you beautiful people and saying it for all of the inter-web (my 80 year old parent’s term) to read.


The truth is, I am helping change lives.  I see it everyday with my work with clients in my coaching practice.  I hear their stories and see their accomplishments.  I don’t take any credit for the hard work their doing and the big changes their making for themselves.  But I AM fulfilling my purpose and calling and it does feel really big and important and powerful.  I want that for you too!


The Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most famous stretches in the world. It is treacherous and intimidating, yet breathtakingly beautiful and awe-inspiring. White-knuckled and exhilarated, my husband and I drove it while on our honeymoon several years ago.  As we set out on our adventure, we were met with  many twists and turns. At times the road was veiled in fog, not revealing what was ahead. It is much like the path of our lives…it can be treacherous and intimidating. Yet when you show up fully and courageously do the work, what unfolds as your life is breathtakingly beautiful and awe-inspiring. Get back on your path and get moving!


To YOUR Success,