Have you ever wondered how open we are as a society to accept a different story than the one that’s always been told? I ask my guest on this episode, Danielle Natoni, who transformed herself from payday loans to 7 Figure Fitness Phenom.


Danielle has always asked herself with conviction, ‘Why not me?’ Also known as Fit and Funky, she is an international fitness personality, social influencer and mompreneur.


Starting out as an elementary school teacher and mother and on to 7 figure fitness coach, she and I dive into the thread that binds us all – the stories we tell.


If you’ve been listening to this podcast from the beginning or if you’ve just jumped in today, you’ll know I like to dig deep into the way we craft our stories and beliefs.


From the way we hold back our truths- to the way we settle for less.


From the way we string safety nets in preparation of failure to the way we kill it in an interview by reminding ourselves ‘we’re braver than we think’.


Whether you repeat the mantra, ‘I’ve got this’ until you actually do or you just start seeing yourself at the boss, your stories are incredibly powerful.


Henry Ford famously said, ‘Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.’


My guests and listeners know how important the messaging of our stories truly are. Join Danielle and I as we take a look at the stories we bring with us- from our childhood homes to the ones we tell the universe. In confidence or shouted loudly to the world, our stories are the lifelines of our soul from which we hang our beliefs about who we are and what we can [or can’t] do.


And so today, pour yourself a cup of tea or a glass of wine, put your feet up and start at the beginning.



  • How Danielle started out as a 5th grade teacher, struggling to make ends meet and depending on payday loans
  • Her small-beginnings entrance into group fitness instructor and her introduction to Beach Body
  • How she’d always dreamed of being ‘famous’ and knew she was meant for big things
  • How she met international fitness guru and best-selling author Shaun T, who eventually officiated her wedding ceremony to her hunky husband, Darren
  • How Danielle is referred to as the “female Shaun T” in his best-selling book, “T is for Transformation”
  • How she grew into her role running Shaun T’s Insanity Live Brand
  • The journey of her daughter Bianca’s diagnosis of Tourette’s Syndrome
  • How her family deals with Bianca’s diagnosis collectively and has faced it head on
  • Why Danielle puts herself first, and thinks you should too
  • And so much more…

You can find Danielle at www.daniellenatoni.com


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