One of the best things that has come out of this podcast for me personally has been allowing myself to get things wrong. If you listen to the first 2-3 episodes, there wasn’t any intro music and I recorded the audio in the wrong format which means that it only comes through one speaker (not a big deal unless you’re listen with headphones). I dove head first into the podcast (like I do most things) and was learning as I went along (I STILL AM).

I’d considered going back and “fixing” those things after I found the error in my ways, but I chose to keep it all just as it originally aired because it is really important for me to lead by example in facing my fears and failures, moving though them and extending myself some forgiveness and grace though the process. No better way to do that than to own those mistakes and help others feel comfortable and free to make some too.

But just so you’re really clear about something, that has not always been my M.O. In fact, you’ll hear me tell a story of a really big failure in this episode and all I wanted to do was crawl under a rock and hide, hoping no one would ever find out…never in a million years did I think I’d be telling the “whole world” about it on a podcast.

Life is funny like that isn’t it? Makes me think of the old adage, “Never say never.”


***WARNING***: Some adult language is used in this episode, if you’re listening around children, you’ll want to wear some headphones.


On this episode, I discuss and revisit some of the insights I’ve gained over the years and how they relate to an interview I watched with Marie Forleo and author Elizabeth Gilbert around the time of the release of Gilbert’s book, Big Magic in 2016.



  • THE reason Gilbert attributes to why all of us don’t do the things we really want to do (HINT: it’s FEAR)
  • How we’ve adapted pretty well to the fears that keep us physically safe, but continue to allow our social fears to paralyze us
  • How I found real freedom in facing the most terrifying fear EVER, right here on this podcast via Episode 5: Free, Really Free
  • How facing your fears doesn’t guarantee success or a lack of failures
  • The story (with all the gory details) of one of my BIGGEST FAILURES
  • How I was able to extend myself forgiveness and stop blaming others for my failure
  • Some hard-hitting questions to help you dig deep into your own fears, failures and finding forgiveness for yourself


xx, Kathy