Are you living in overwhelm? Feeling bogged down with all life throws your way? Your clutter is likely adding to the overwhelm, preventing you from feeling a sense of accomplishment, regardless of how much you check off of your TO DO list.

From your email inbox to stacks of papers on your desk, an overcrowded closet to jumbled thoughts and ideas, clutter can (and will) show up in just about every area of your life. Don’t let the thought of clearing the clutter add to your overwhelm, using a systematic approach can help you create order in the chaos and mess.




  • How clutter and chaos impacted my symptoms of ADD in childhood (and now)
  • How clearing the clutter in your life can free you physically and emotionally
  • Some personal stories of how clutter has crept into many areas of my life
  • The source of clutter – it is created from a lack of clarity in our lives
  • The strategy that I’ve discovered to clear out the clutter and keep overwhelm at bay
  • Shiny Things segment: you’ll find out what Shiny Things have been distracting me lately