Do you ever wish you could go back in time? Use the the knowledge and wisdom you’ve gained and have a “do-over” for a particular circumstance or decision?


I know I’ve had that thought many times before, and yet we all know that’s just not possible. But what if you could take the wisdom, compassion, and other experience you’ve gained and over-lay them onto your past? My guest on this episode, Kezia Luckett shares how that exercise can bring about profound internal shifts and help you change the way you relate to those past experiences.


I feel a special connection with Kezia – although we live on completely different continents, we are kindred spirits and share some uncanny commonalities. She lives in sunny Barcelona where she is a Positive Psychology Coach, International Speaker, and the CEO and trailblazer behind the Women of Contribution movement.


Kezia works with female entrepreneurs who want to raise their game and bust through subconscious blocks. She’s no stranger to starting and growing a business but as you’ll hear, after major burnout in her first business, she realized she needed to rediscover her passion and learn to follow her heart and intuition.




  • Kezia’s new book,  “The Pay it Forward Series: Notes to my Younger Self” (to be released March 2018)
  • The inspiring story of how she came to the idea for her book as well as the creation of the Women of Contribution movement.
  • Fascinating memory research by cognitive psychologist Elizabeth Loftus, and how Kezia has used it in the development of her coaching methods
  • How Kezia suffered from massive overwhelm and burnout running her first wildly successful business (which ironically was geared to aid business women who were facing overloaded schedules) and how she was able to refocus and rediscover her real passion
  • Kezia’s favourite quote
  • Her answer to my “weirdest thing about you” question


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